Garden Waste

Garden WasteRegular garden maintenance and one off landscaping procedures can create some serious mess around the garden and the yard. The garden waste generated by such procedures is quite voluminous and awkward to collect and get rid of, but we are here to help with affordable and efficient garden waste collection and removal service you can actually rely on. Our garden waste collection service provides efficiency and punctuality, we will rid you of the usual and unusual garden waste in the shortest time possible and give you a chance to enjoy your freshly cleared garden sooner.

The garden waste and clearance crews are well trained and sufficiently equipped to deal with all sorts of garden rubbish from branches, leaves and plucked weeds to garden furniture, discarded turf and unwanted garden equipment. If necessary we will bring along wheel barrows, shuffles and any other tools and equipment required to clear your garden of unwanted rubbish fast and with the least amount of fuss and disruption.

Garden WasteThe garden waste removal service is competitively priced and aims to deliver true value for money. The job quoting is fair and reflective, customers will only pay for the actual amount of work done and receive a guarantee for quality and professional work attitude and results. Our garden clearance service is very comprehensive, we will do all the work for you, and our crews will collect and load all the rubbish and junk generated in your garden or overflowing the shed. We will also be able to handle tough jobs like the removal and clearance of heavy or bulky items from your shed or garage.

We can also take care of old fertilizers and similar garden chemistry which cannot be disposed of conventionally. Our clearance crews will dispose of the garden waste responsibly and will reuse and compost suitable scraps and garden rubbish like leaves, weeds and turf as our strict environmental policy applies to every service we provide. The garden waste clearance can be ordered throughout the entire week with flexible appointment hours even during the weekends.