House Clearance

House ClearanceAnother of our quality, value for money services is house clearance. We specialize in the partial and complete property clearance of all unused items and junk, including unwanted electrical appliances and unused furniture pieces. Our house clearance crews will also deal with awkward items like old carpets or rugs and of course any other bulky item which you no longer need. Our fleet of special purpose transport vehicles will accommodate a generous amount of junk and rubbish in a single setting so that the clearance is completed and the junk transported away in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of hassle and disruption.

As we come across all sorts of discarded items and unwanted junk, we have made sure that all of it is disposed of properly. Items and materials which can serve another purpose are given to recycling plants for further processing and recycling. Other items are reused. Only after we are certain that the remainder of the junk is harmless and nontoxic we will send it to a landfill as we always look for different alternatives to landfills.

House ClearanceWe understand that house clearance is something specific and often customers need it done at a certain time or day, this is why the house clearance service can be ordered for any day of the week and with flexible appointment hours. Customers can rely on our efficiency and punctuality. We will arrive at the right time and at the right address. There will be no delays or late turn ups. We will make sure to clear all rooms and areas of the property as per the customer requirements, regardless of how many stories or rooms there are.

We will also do the loading with no risk of damage to property or garden features as our crews are well trained and sufficiently experienced. If necessary the clearance crews will disassemble the items into smaller pieces and remove the unwanted junk in more manageable portions. Call now and receive your free house clearance quote with a guarantee for fast, efficient results and exceptional work attitude.