Loft Clearance

Loft ClearanceThe loft is one particular area of the house which people frequently use to house their unwanted items and old junk, especially if the garage is full of cars and the basement has been turned to a teenager’s clubhouse. We guarantee to have your loft clear and ready to use in a matter of hours with the least amount of fuss and disruption, regardless of its size and shape.

Clearing the loft is also a tedious and effort intensive task, just think about all the dust and cobwebs you have to get through and then all muscle power required to move items safely down to the hallway and then out the house. We can make a breeze of this rather unpleasant task so save yourself the stress and effort and let us handle the loft clearance in a swift, efficient manner. If necessary we will visit you for the clearance and removal of a single item only, or a complete loft clearance, there is no job too big or small for us to handle.

Loft ClearanceOur clearance crews have sufficient technical knowledge and if necessary will disassemble certain items to smaller pieces in order to remove them without too much effort and no risk of damage to the property. During our loft clearances, we come across all sorts of items and objects, some can be recycled, others reused so we make sure to hand over such items to the respective recycling facilities for further processing. Items which cannot be recycled or reused will be inspected in order to make sure they are safe, nontoxic and can be disposed of at the tip.

Our clearance crews will work with all due care and attention, we will be extra careful when moving items from the loft across your home and into our transport vehicles. In order to get the loft clearance done swiftly and in the shortest time possible we maintain a fleet of special purpose transport vehicles able to accommodate large amounts of bulky or heavy items. Loft clearance appointments are available seven days a week.