Office Clearance

Office ClearanceOffices also require proper clearance every now and then. In some instances, company management has opted for an interior remodeling and has no further use for existing desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Sometimes, a new set of computers and office equipment is being installed and old, redundant devices and machinery have to be removed. Whatever the reason for the office clearance, we can handle the task in the most efficient and professional manner. We understand that in most cases, the business cannot just shut down for the day in order for the office clearance to take place so we can accommodate for flexible and out of business appointment hours.

We can visit you for a single item office clearance and rid you of bulky items like conference tables or large filing cabinets or perform a complete and thorough office clearance and have everything bare-walled in a matter of hours with no risk of damage to existing infrastructure or office equipment. Items can be collected from anywhere on the premises, regardless of the number of stories or offices. All work including disconnection, disassembly, hauling and loading will be done by our expertly trained clearance crews. We specialize in the removal and disposal of electronic equipment and computers in the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Office ClearanceWe understand that such machinery and devices are manufactured using a range of different metals and alloy composites some of them quite valuable, others quite toxic so we have made it our business to dispose of such items accordingly and hand over such parts and components for further processing at a recycling plant instead of dumping them down the tip.

We will also dispose of bulky and complex machines like photocopiers and old servers appropriately and without environmental risk. Due to the nature of their work, some companies keep paper copies of files and cases, over some time such paper files become large, heavy and take up entire rooms but we can organize for the clearance of the filing room, including the filing cabinets and organize the recycling of paper waste.